Carpentry & Metal Laser Cutting

Sheet Metal Machining in Pioltello
CMX is a company in Pioltello since the past 15 years, specializing in sheet metal machining steel and stainless steel:light metal structural work and laser cutting jobs.

We are a small and medium precision carpentry, built on the customers' projects, interested in exploring different sectors: textiles, electro-mechanical, electronic, machine tools, construction equipment and agro-food movement.
CMX Ltd has a specialization in working with the restaurant industry.


 Numerical control machines in Pioltello

The company performs the following operations:

  • Calendaring metal
  • Metal shearing
  • Metal drilling
  • Punching metal
  • metal cutting
  • sheet metal cutting
  • production of light metal structural items through use of several metals: stainless steel, special steel, aluminum and alloys

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