CMX Ltd was founded in 1999, at the behest of Angelo Riboni, who for gaining great experience in the field of light carpentry, decided to start and realize CMX.
Notable investments been made by the company to acquire CNC machines as well as platforms, CAD 2/3 D for a better design.
Careful selection of the best raw materials, constant research, continuous and thorough technological upgrades, in addition to timely and expert advice and technical assistance, are the guidelines of this company.
Sheet Metal Work in Pioltello
Laser cutting design in Pioltello

Machinery, Equipment and Qualified Personnel

The company has a full range of machinery and equipment for processingof sheet metal,with cut of steel up to 12 mm, bending, drilling, rollingand manual and automatic welding.
In the production departments in addition to a very selected and qualified labor for even a major effort achievements, adequate machines are installed that provide special processing.
The need to grow and continuously improve the competitiveness and the services offered, necessitate the continuous introduction of significant technological innovations both in plants and machinery.

Quality Products

The products manufactured by CMX are subjected to numerous controls that guarantee serial consistency, the high quality and overall reliability.
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